Sketch of Ekidue

My name is Ekidue, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

I am an incarnate fae, and your guide for understanding the fairy people. I study fae lore and media involving them and post my findings on this website.

I am a starseed lightworker. In other words, I am an old soul who is not entirely human specially sent to help raise Gaia and the people here up to the 5th dimension. This is called ascension and will involve a reunion with the fair folk on the other side, as well as countless other extraterrestrial races due to the purpose set out for this planet that would impart great cosmopolitanism. My general mission is to anchor light for the collective, and my specific one seems to involve both nature and the internet. I have probably had many other lifetimes besides being fae or human, perhaps faring originally from the Orion constellation. I wholeheartedly believe in the veracity of this as well as the mission itself being righteous.

I do not believe a great deal of claims from mainstream academics or media. I do believe in science but more in the suppressed information, not what comes from the secular materialist paradigm that has gripped the establishment for nearly a century. I have skepticism for something until I feel it is absolutely proven, but at the same time I am open‑minded and want the truth above all. This attitude has steered me fundamentally throughout my recent life, making me doubt even the deepest, most dug-in philosophical paradigms. At the same time I eventually learned to use this logic in union with an elevated sense of intuition. I do not wish to practice conventional academic neutrality, as this would be suppressive of the information that is ripe for mass dissemination.

We are now in the apocalpyse, but do not fret. The real meaning of the word apocalypse is “revelation”. We are in the time for everything to be revealed as we ascend. Therefore, it seems very appropriate to make this website to radiate this information out and let people warm up to their good neighbors.

I write a great deal, it seems to be a talent of mine. I write poetry and am influenced by the Romanticist style, and yes I do tend to sound a bit antiquated even in everyday speech. I write prose as well, along with heavy journaling and data documentation. I will host some of my work on here. Be informed that some of it may be rather erotic. I may eventually publish work available for purchase, which would be a good way to support me.

I am also empathic and mtf trans along with having other interesting traits which have seasoned my journey. If you are curious about my life and how I’ve worked with all these aspects of myself click on the My Journey link below for my autobiography.

My Journey
My work and how to support me