These resources are published texts unless marked as something different, such as a website or documentary. Folklore and sightings are very important but are not always verified, so they are on a separate page which you can access here. I will provide links to works legally available online. As with the media index I plan to make this as comprehensive as possible.

Convergence era (2012-present)

As the timelines converge and we accelerate towards ascension, and a merging with fairyland, we live in a golden age of information about fairies and other esoteric phenomena. Not only are the publications getting more frequent and detailed but the public is becoming more aware, willing to take in information beyond mainstream media and academia. People are coming out of the closet about their true nature whether that be starseed, fae, vampire, dragon, headmate vessel, psychic, pagan etc. After 2016 the Great Awakening starts to be fueled by the leonine and disruptive American president Donald Trump and a failing deep state whose desperate plans inevitably backfire and get people more curious.(Note and Disclaimer: I am skeptical of Trump, as I do not trust someone whose ego could potentially make him act to take the credit of raising the world back up, an honor that strictly belongs to the people. He is like a WWE wrestler with his bombastic acting; his true intentions seem murky to me. I am more than skeptical of a person who would persecute an amorphous concept of "wokeness" that would paint a target on certain peoples in order to garner a more solid voter base. Another thing: The Great Awakening as a term and concept is indeed used in Q circles, however the term is relevant far past Q and politics in general as it gets into the spiritual apocalypse brought upon by the internet and global consciousness. I do, however, recognize Trump and Q as catalysts that tend to shake people out of their old ways. Also, I am against the legacy media promoting hatred against a man and his voters, as I am against hate in general.) The current period is particularly heavy on grimoires.

Quiet Awakening era (1993-2011)

This period starts around when the beta wave of indigo ray bearers start to awaken, but strictly starts in the year of "Eternal September". This period is notable for the popularization of the internet, which is the basic meaning of "Eternal September", a term from Usenet about the time when the waves of internet newbies became unstoppable. An uptick in fantasy from the Lord of the Rings movies may have led to a minor uptick in interest about fairies. This period is when books from a pagan perspective start to become published more. There are also many academic treatises and works on specified topics such as the black dog.

Cracking of the Matrix (1967-1992)

The Summer of Love was a special year. The counterculture brought newfound interest in esotericism and was the takeoff point for popularized New-Age thought, first pioneered by Helena Blavatsky in the late 19th century. The very first starseeds were awakening at this time. Moreover, the first otherkin started to organize and would eventually congregate online. A lot of the authors are from traditional fairy haunts such as Ireland and are stepping up to exalt their traditional culture, as exploring cultural roots was in.

Later Victorian to Mid-century (1850-1968)

Interest in fairies was kept elevated by a slowly rekindling value for nature. The early 20th century harbored a flowering of rigorous esoteric and non-materialist research with notable figures such as Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, with spiritualism and the prominence of Helena Blavatsky going a bit earlier. However, the postwar Mid-century period was a bit of a lull, with the exception of work by K. M. Briggs.

Romantic period and early Victorian (1774-1850)

With Romanticism came medievalism, the apparent apotheosis of Shakespeare and a boom of interest in Celtic and Norse mythology. This naturally brought people to fairies. However, the general public could still be very utilitarian and not really give a hoot about nature.

Early-modern Scholarship (1475-1773)

This covers the time period between when Leonardo da Vinci painted or helped paint The Baptism of Christ as a pupil down to the year before the publishing of The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe, which puts a start to the Romantic period. The Renaissance is the earlier period when alchemy took off, as well as when many grimoires were penned out such as the Picatrix. There are an estimated 100,000 alchemical treatises, including the work of Paracelsus with elementals. This body of literature may still harbor many great secrets, as they were heavy on cryptography to hide their powerful knowledge. The later period is called the Age of Reason and ushered in rationalism, which would heavily impede society's relationship with nature and the fair folk.

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