About this website

I have created this website to spread lore about the fairy peoples, as well as serve as a comprehensive resource for fae media and a portal to the greater "fae web". I have seen other specialized media resources and databases, so I figured I would create one based on the good folk since I haven't seen anything like it on the internet, except on TOW. This site is created with a spiritual perspective based on belief in Ascension and the Age of Aquarius.

I feel like my special soul purpose has to do with nature, but also the internet somehow. I am also highly focused on design and aesthetics. I believe in raising the paradigms of design, internet and software for the new age. I am interested in the interface between spirituality and software. I have seen a bit here and there such as divination software and randomized sacred text quote fetchers. I consider this interface a new frontier. Other projects I would like to see unfold would be a queryable esoteric lore database which is far more comprehensive than the Internet Sacred Text Archive, as well as intuitive programming languages. I do see software and the physical internet as training wheels before true spiritual powers are obtained via the light body, though.

This is my first coding project. I have no schooling or real experience in it prior to this. I am interested in learning computer and digital markup languages the same way I am with spoken ones.

I chose Neocities for the design freedom and thus motivation to learn how to code/mark up, as well as the free hosting which is convenient. If this website is particularly successful, though, I may switch to a new host so I can run server-side scripting and also have motivation to learn more programming.

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